Magento 1.9, comparatively speaking, What are the front-end performance issues between types of loading CSS as:

  • external
  • internal
  • inline
  • as a style block (CMS blocks).

Thank you so much for your expertise !

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external : Not the best one : this adds additional HTTP requests and can delay rendering of the page.

internal : The best one : No HTTP request needed, the file is cached in browser in the first load for all pages, no need to load the file for each page.

inline : this css will be only loaded for that page and not all the pages and cannot be cached by the browser and re-used for another page.

as a style block: I don't know what you mean by this, but The recommended way is the second internal, you create your custom.css file in your current theme : skin/frontend/{package}/{theme}/css/custom.css, then you declare it in layout <head> part in app/design/frontend/{package}/{theme}/layout/local.xml and everythink will be fine.

Good luck.

  • Thank you so much!! What I meant by 'a style block' is that I make CMS blocks that only contain CSS between style tags. Then I add them to my CMS page via a Widget. I have also started doing this with Jquery. I do it as a way of organizing. The reason is that I have a hard time finding the correct files to put the correct code in. The file system of magento varies so much and I always seem to be guessing as to if I am in the correct file. I have a ton to learn so thank you so much for your insightful, professional and expert knowledge. Jan 2, 2019 at 21:09

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