I have created subscription type of products in Magento 2.2.5 CE. And when i tried to purchase subscription type product( recurring payment type) paypal returns three IPNs.

  • 'txn_type' = cart/express_checkout(some times)
  • 'txn_type' = recurring_payment_profile_created
  • 'txn_type' = recurring_payment

The first one contains 'invoice' - magento's 'increment_id' but other two don't.

Instead they contains 'rp_invoice_id'. My question is how can I decide that all three IPNs are for the same order?



As per I know there should be recurring_payment_id in your IPN response and It should be the same for the same profile.

  • yes there is recurring_payment_id in recurring_payment IPN but it is not there in cart/express_checkout IPN. – Knight017 Jan 3 '19 at 10:37

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