I was able to get my custom font to my custom theme.

I made a style (CSS file) to use it, but the text-transform and letter-spacing attributes are being inherited from another style sheet?

What do I need to do to make sure that my ss_logo style always wins?

Please forgive my ignorance. I haven't done any web-type development for over 10 years.

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Include steamspeed_logo.css after styles.css at head section in HTML and user css selector like this: .parallax-banners-wrapper .text-banner .banner-content h2.ss_logo instead of .ss_logo.

.ss_logo {
  text-transform: none !important;
  letter-spacing: 0 !important;

likely the above would do what you are after. Now, to give a better answer, we'd need to see the html and ideally, have the page in our browser.. but hopefully the above is working for you.

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