so I currently have product data in XML format. 1 XML File = 1 Product.

Each XML has tons of product data and I am using a Wyomind's Mass Product Import to get them in. 90% of this process is perfect, but the lingering problem is the attributes. I have them all mapped via XSLT in the extension, so they are sent to Magento2, IF those options/values are pre-existing, because I have the attributes in Magento set as dropdown. I have them set as drop down because I want them to appear in my MagePlaza Layered Navigation.

I am trying to figure out a way for these attribute options to be automatically created, rather than creating them in the dropdown attribute 1-by-1. These are computer parts, so for examples, I have a drop down attribute like processor_speed. The issue here is that for 10,000 separate Product XMLS, processor_speed may have over 100 different values, from 2.06gHz, 1.06gHZ, 3.22gHz, etc. I can't predict all the values, and because they are all in separate XMLs, there's no easy way for me to extract that data.

Possible solutions I am thinking of are:

  • Is there any way for a text field to be sorted in Layered Navigation for filter by any other vendor? This way the data will definitely be imported
  • Is there a way or script that will create a new option/value for a dropdown attribute upon new product import or creation? So if I upload 200GB harddrive, it will create 200GB as a value for hard_drive_size on import
  • Is there another layered navigation extension outside of MagePlaza that would help with this?
  • Should I just set all attributes to "text field", import all 10,000 products, so these options are created as text attributes. Then export the products back out. Harvest/gather all the values for each attribute I need filtered (~200 different attributes), then use an extension/script to then populate those values to a drop-down attribute (I have seen this as a possibility). Then re-import all the products?

Any insight would be helpful, I have been searching and brainstorming all different ways, as mentioned so I can use these attributes in my layered navigation. The main issue being drop-down attributes need the data/options already defined. And having 10,000 products and 200 attributes to sort through (even though each product will only utilize may 10-15 relevant ones), is quite a task.

Thank you.

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