I have referred the link

Magento2 : Show summery total on checkout page

and made changes in abstract-total.js and shipping.js. Now order summary is displayed and shipping amount updates correctly on changing shipping method but it is not getting updated in grand total. Any solution ?


Override grand-total.js file too and define step-navigator,

], function (Component, quote, stepNavigator) { 

after that replace getValue() function with below code :

getValue: function () {
            var totals = quote.getTotals()();
            if(typeof(quote.shippingMethod()) != "undefined" && quote.shippingMethod() !== null) {
            var shippingMethod = quote.shippingMethod();
            var price =  shippingMethod.amount;
            var plus = "";
            var minus = "";
        if(totals['base_shipping_amount'] < price){
            plus = totals['base_shipping_amount'] + price;
            return this.getFormattedPrice((this.getPureValue() + price));
        } else if(totals['base_shipping_amount'] > price){
            minus = totals['base_shipping_amount'] - price;
            return this.getFormattedPrice((this.getPureValue() - minus));
        return this.getFormattedPrice(this.getPureValue());

Clear Magento cache and check.

  • I didnt understand your answer. Will u pls explain? – Magento User Dec 26 '18 at 9:00
  • You just need to update getValue() function in the grand-total.js file. – vishal Dec 26 '18 at 9:11
  • This does not work to fixed the problem – Cypher909 Mar 2 at 15:55

In shipping.js you must also add the dependency for Magento_Checkout/js/model/cart/estimate-service. This will trigger the recalculation of the grand total when the shipping cost is updated.

], function ($, Component, quote, estimateService) {
    'use strict';

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