I have a problem with Magento search. The search terms have to be in the exact order the way they are listed in the title.

Example: If I search for "Big Green Truck" I get product results but if I search for "Green Big Truck" nothing comes up. There has to be an easy code fix for this. Please help, I am a new-bee

Thank you

  • Try changing the search mode to "Fulltext & Like". You can do that from system->configuration->catalog. – Marius Jul 1 '14 at 8:40


At line 345 change OR to AND

Please let me know if its ok. Tks

Edit: dont forget to delete existing search terms and refresh cache

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Magento internal search is 20-50% accurate, SPhinx/Lucene 60-80% accurate, Solr is 98% accurate - so we use solr. You can fiddle with the sql but in the end you are limited by the fundamentatls of sql search.

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  • What a proposterly incorrect answer. SOLR is Lucene! Not to mention no search engine has a percentage rating for accuracy. It is as accurate as you make it. – choco-loo Oct 11 '14 at 18:02

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