I set my slider and my banners. I inserted the block in the cms page with the correct ID but the slider is not displayed.
I checked this post too: Banner slider not showing
If I try to change the banner date it is saved on 01/01/1970 at 01:00:00


Locate app/code/community/Magestore/Bannerslider/controllers/Adminhtml/BannersliderController.php file

Add this function

protected function _getDate($string)
    $date = explode('/', $string);
    $parts = explode(' ', $date[2]);
    $year = $parts[0];
    $time = $parts[1];
    return $year . '-' . $date[1] . '-' . $date[0] . ' ' . $time . ':00';

And use in saveAction(), this way

public function saveAction()
    if ($data = $this->getRequest()->getPost()) {

        try {
             $data['start_time']=date('Y-m-d H:i:s', Mage::getModel('core/date')->gmtTimestamp($this->_getDate($data['start_time'])));
             $data['end_time']=date('Y-m-d H:i:s', Mage::getModel('core/date')->gmtTimestamp($this->_getDate($data['end_time'])));
        } catch (Exception $e) {

        $model = Mage::getModel('bannerslider/bannerslider');

This fixed the issue for us, although maybe you'd need some additional changes. That depends by which module version you are using

  • I modified it this way but it does not work. There is something wrong? link – Alessio Dec 20 '18 at 17:57

Solved by myself.
The problem is the date format of banners:
the datetimepicker produces a date in local format (in my case DD/MM/YYYY) but the plugin reads the date in MM/DD/YYYY format.
I simply entered the date in MM/DD/YYYY format by hand without using the datetimepicker

  • Well, that's exactly the purpose of _getDate function in my answer :) – Raul Sanchez Dec 22 '18 at 9:57

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