Is there any reason why it impossible to add custom attributes to catalog_product_entity_decimal table?

I tried to look up products by weight, length, height, width and started with weigth. Thats a system attribute and is stored in catalog_product_entity_decimal table while custom attributes are stored in catalog_product_entity_varchar ...

When adding attributes from backend the only type is price that maps to decimal table, but it also set price backend model.

Any reason why there is no option to add a decimal attribute?


Of course I can change backend type on DB or add the attribute via script, but I'm interessted why its not possible to do it from admin backend.

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Magento already has an option to add a decimal attribute. Each attribute's data type is recoded in a column called backend_type as bellow:

enter image description here

So you can add a decimal attribute by add this option:

'backend_type'    => 'decimal',

After that, attribute value will be saved in _decimal table


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