I am having an issue with my load balancer health checks. It is attempting to access the server hosting the Magento 2 site. When I curl the IP address of the machine I get the following Response Headers:

curl -i xxx.xxx.xxx (ip address of the server)

HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Location: https://www.example.com/?SID=79561247abvhemu78nosr0u32l

It appears to be redirecting to the domain set inside the Magento2 configuration.

I have read about the SID value. I am not sure if this is causing the redirect but the site will be a multi store site so I would like to keep the SID enabled.

The issue is that when the Load Balancer hits the server I am getting a 302 which causes the health check to fail.

I am unsure of what is causing this redirect and how to best get the health check to pass.


I have confirmed that it is Magento doing the redirect and not the web server. If I remove index.php and replace it with a new php file (Not running Magento) I get a 200 response. So it appears that something in the codebase is creating the redirect.

I ran bin/magento config:show and it returned the following:

web/seo/use_rewrites - 1
web/unsecure/base_url - https://www.example.com/
web/unsecure/base_static_url -
web/unsecure/base_media_url -
web/unsecure/base_link_url - https://www.example.com/
web/secure/base_url - https://www.example.com/
web/secure/use_in_frontend - 0
web/secure/use_in_adminhtml - 0
web/secure/base_static_url -
web/secure/base_media_url -
web/default/cms_home_page - home
web/cookie/cookie_path -
web/cookie/cookie_domain -
web/cookie/cookie_httponly - 1
web/url/use_store - 0
web/url/redirect_to_base - 0 

Plus a lot more config settings, that seemed irrelevant.


Most probably the redirect is cause by the config setting Auto-redirect to Base URL from Stores->Configuration->Web->Url Options.

What this setting does it to redirect to the base url of your website any request that ends up in your magento instance.
For example making the request using the IP address like you do.
Setting this flag to 'No' should stop the redirects.

  • I have Auto-redirect to Base URL set to No. Any other settings that may cause this? Dec 19 '18 at 20:31
  • No other ideas. Maybe just clear the cache to make sure. Other than that, I got nothing.
    – Marius
    Dec 19 '18 at 20:58

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