I need to get image directory means full path. I get the image path from the following code

$product = $this->productmodel->load($orderItem->getProductId());

I got url


I need


How do i get that i did following code

$path = $this->directorylist->getPath("media");

it returns


but i need


First, inject below class in your constructor

     use Magento\Catalog\Model\Product\Media\Config;
     use Magento\Framework\Filesystem;

     * @var Config
    private $mediaConfig;

     * @var Filesystem
    private $filesystem;

     * @param Config $mediaConfig
     * @param Filesystem $filesystem
    public function __construct(
        Config $mediaConfig,
        Filesystem $filesystem
        $this->mediaConfig = $mediaConfig;
        $this->filesystem = $filesystem;

Now you can use this like,

        $directory = $this->filesystem->getDirectoryRead('media');
        $fullImagePath = $directory->getAbsolutePath($this->mediaConfig->getMediaPath($product->getThumbnail()));

Where $product is your product object.

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  • Thank you for your answer . it saves my time . i need one more clarification if $product->getThumbnail() returns null. Then how do i get the default image – Sammu Sundar Dec 20 '18 at 5:48

A quick solution according to your tests:

$fullPath = $this->directorylist->getPath("media").'/catalog/product'.$product->getThumbnail();
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