I would like to add the magento website name to the top header beside the language switcher.


I can get the id by using,

echo $block->getCurrentWebsiteId();

How do I get the website name?


in your block file, you can use below code :

public function __construct(
    \Magento\Store\Model\ResourceModel\Website\CollectionFactory $websiteCollectionFactory,
    $this->_websiteCollectionFactory = $websiteCollectionFactory;

public function getWebsiteName()
    //$websiteId is your current website id
    $collection = $this->_websiteCollectionFactory->create()->load($websiteId,'website_id');
    $websiteData = $collection->getData();
    $websiteName = $websiteData[0]['name'];
    return $websiteName;

You can now call getWebsiteName in your phtml file to display the website name.


From your phtml you could get the current website name doing something like this:

$stores = $block->getStores();
foreach($stores as $store){
    if($store->getCode() == $block->getCurrentStoreCode()){
        $websiteName = $store->getWebsite()->getName();

So you don't have to change the block.

public function getWebsiteName($websiteId)
   $collection = $this->_websiteCollectionFactory->create();
   $websiteData = $collection->addFieldToFilter('website_id',$websiteId);

   foreach($websiteData->getData() as $websiteName):
      $webName = $websiteName['name'];

   return $webName;

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