We currently are using the api to update inventory via a vb.net service which works but appears that until we update the 'Stock Status' index manually the updated status doesn't show properly for products that had been changed.

Is there a way to change stock status index via the api? Looks like we have to do something with cataloginventory_stock (code 8).

Here is my current code on how I update a product.

Dim myStock As New catalogInventoryStockItemUpdateEntity
myStock.qty = 10
myStock.is_in_stock = 1
myStock.is_in_stockSpecified = True
myStock.manage_stock = 1
myStock.manage_stockSpecified = True
Dim iRetVal As Integer = ws.catalogInventoryStockItemUpdate(sessionId, sMagentoSku, myStock)

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No, you cannot start the indexer via the API.

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