I have one requirement in which i need to get zip file from remote sftp and read its data after extract it.

I see there is class Magento\Framework\Filesystem\Io\Sftp which i can use like below.

   \Magento\Framework\Filesystem\Io\Sftp $ftp
       $this->ftp = $ftp;

   public function uploadFile(){
       $open = $this->ftp->open(
                       'host' => 'hostname here',
                       'username' => 'username',
                       'password' => 'password'

but how to retrieve files and extract it so i can copy to my server.

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You can try using the read() function defined in that same class:

 * Read a file
 * @param string $filename remote file name
 * @param string|null $destination local file name (optional)
 * @return mixed
public function read($filename, $destination = null)
    if ($destination === null) {
        $destination = false;
    return $this->_connection->get($filename, $destination);

And the code to copy a remote file to your local would be like:

$result = $this->ftp->read('/path/to/remote/filename', '/path/to/local/filename');

$result here is a boolean, which can be used to determine whether it's successful or not.

  • Hi, But file is compressed .gz file. I guess i need to extract before read it right?
    – Kul
    Dec 19, 2018 at 11:50
  • you can extract it after it has been transferred to your local. Dec 19, 2018 at 22:29

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