I'm facing a dead-end with my configurable product and my simple products.

Right now, i am struggling setting up my configuration prices in a way that make sense for my products.

Since Magento 2 , the simple product prices 100% overrule the configurable one. That makes perfect sense, but if the price is depending on more than one attribute, its getting useless.

Example product: A Chair.

Attribute 1 - Fabric:

  • Leather (300$)
  • Regular Fabric (100$)

Attribute 2 - Color

  • Blue: (50$)
  • Black (100$)

Out of the box Magento only allow me to base my price on one of the above attributes. If i base my price on "Fabric" - my two product would then cost: 300$ and 100$ - and my color prices are not taken into account.

So therefore, i am looking for a way to achieve my prices getting based on both of my attributes, so my prices instead will be:

  • Leather & Blue = 350$
  • Leather & Black = 400$
  • Regular Fabric & Blue = 150$
  • Regular Fabric & Black = 200$

Are there any way? Or suggestions for a work around?

(Only workaround so far that came to my mind, was to export every of variant to a csv-file, update the price on every variant (sometimes +200), and then import my new prices again. But again, this would never work in practice.)

Kindly regards.

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    Did you ever find a solution to this (other than the csv option which as you said is impractical?) I can't believe Magento 2 has this kind of limitation, there HAS to be a way. – webrightnow Jul 4 '19 at 15:09
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    We ended up coding our own module to easier update all the simple's product price. So my simple products are still created with magento's default configuration-wizard, but i will afterwards use our own module to update the prices manually. Still not the perfect solution, but much better than the csv. – Soren Jul 5 '19 at 16:26

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