I'm working with a very large catalog of products, and am preparing the data for importing into the cart. However I've got a pretty ugly problem, different products place different meanings on the same attribute value.

For an example, Color swatches, each brand might have a color named "Dark Blue", but have a different swatch! There seems to be a big disconnect between attributes that might really be useful as filters, and attributes that only are valuable when used in a configurable product.

Meaning, what good is a global, site, scoped attribute, when at best it avoids conflicts, but otherwise provides no real value. To make it useful as a product filter or in a layered navigation, would require a predefined set of consistent values across a whole product catalog. Which is impossible for any information about the product itself. Meaning, it is reasonable when talking about filters, ... but not reasonable when talking about attributes intended to distinguish between product variants.

What do I do, did everyone just do workarounds?

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