I would like to know how can i stop magento2 to printing information about my plugin and script on homepage.If u analyze my code i have got all these script that contain information about all plugin i use.


I thought going on production mode should stop printing this info but it's not working.Please suggest me.

  • i see that there are differenct script inside head section and i don't think all these script should appear on my website ![1]i.imgur.com/Jnh2fv4.png – Francesco Dec 15 '18 at 15:39

You can merge the JavaScript files. This will, generate one big JavaScript file instead of a lot of seperate ones. However, if someone opens the merged file they will still be able to see what modules you use.

To merge JavaScript files, go to:

Stores Configuration > Stores > Developer >  Advanced > JavaScript Settings

Set Merge JavaScript Files field, select Yes

You need to enable developer mode to see the option in the admin panel. Switch back to production mode afterwards.

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