Magento Framework has 2 classes for Curl operations:

\Magento\Framework\HTTP\Adapter\Curl and


What is specific use-case for each as both are capable of doing same job ?

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  • Both classes are curl based wrapper classes.
  • Tasks of the both classes remains the same such as connecting, writing, reading and closing connection to the server but in different way.

Adapter CURL

  • Used as connector for Zend_Http_Client which has a internal framework - dependency on request type and response.
  • Common method for GET/POST/DELETE/PUT
  • First writes the request to the remote server using write() method and read the response using read() method.

Client CURL

  • Class to work with HTTP protocol which directly calls curl lib, no dependency on Framework Zend or Laminas.
  • Different method for GET/POST, separate methods available get() and post()
  • For other methods(PUT/DELETE) one has to trigger - method makeRequest()

I would say to implement the code using Client CURL class only.

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