So I just started to manage, not really develop, a Magento 1.9 for a new employer. With my previous employer we made certain anyone creating new products, via duplicating existing, wiped out the url key field as to not create duplicate keys. this company has not done that so the url rewrites are about 500 points above the product id value in the url path and growing with each reindex. So i figure the core_url_rewrite table must be huge.... but the core_url_rewrite table is not even in the database..

So where would it be writing them to? Is there another place to look? Did a patch delete the table?

System>Config>Web>SEO>Use Web Server Rewrites is set to yes

Please advise and thanks for the help and guidance

ps. I don't understand shell scripts via ssh yet so that is not gonna happen ;-)


Are you maybe using Magento EE? In that case the table is named enterprise_url_rewrite but I think the core_url_rewrite should be nevertheless there.

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