I have a problem, and I want you to give me a light at the end of the tunnel. I am doing an integration REST and need to get some information from the options of an attribute, in the admin panel I have 4 options being them. Among them Admin, I am using the following method to return the options. rest/V1/products/attributes/{attributeCode}/options rest/V1/products/attributes/tamanho/options

Was the only method I found in https://devdocs.magento.com/swagger/index.html which made sense, but the return only comes the option code and the Default Store View, the Admin does not appear, how I get the code Admin?

I would like to receive in return for example:

   "label": "L/XL descr",
   "value": "519",
   "admin_code": "LXL",
   "is_default": true

Prints Options in Admin panel Method response

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To return the admin values scope try passing "all" in your rest request. For example:


Or in your case:


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