I have a bridge built between two applications, where products are getting dumped into magento. I am using Magento SOAP API to add/update/delete products, but i need to do delete product using SKU and not product id..Any Suggestions?

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Hear the Code to remove the Product Based on SKU

Request Example SOAP V1

 $client = new SoapClient('http://magentohost/api/soap/?wsdl');

 // If somestuff requires api authentification,
 // then get a session token
 $session = $client->login('apiUser', 'apiKey');
 $result = $client->call($session, 'catalog_product.delete', '1');

 // If you don't need the session anymore

Request Example SOAP V2

 $proxy = new SoapClient('http://magentohost/api/v2_soap/?wsdl'); // TODO : change url
 $sessionId = $proxy->login('apiUser', 'apiKey'); // TODO : change login and pwd if necessary

 $result = $proxy->catalogProductDelete($sessionId, '6');

Please see the Image for Request and Response Data

enter image description here

For More Reference Please Check This Link.

  • yep that was obvious! thx..
    – huzefam
    Jun 28, 2014 at 8:38
  • Hi, what about product resources like "media files" - Are they also deleted from DB and/or filesystem ? Do you have any experiences about this topic ? Regards
    – domi27
    Oct 12, 2016 at 14:31

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