We are trying to get all the products to have the tax Class to Taxable goods. I tried modifying the database in order to change the value to '2'- It did indeed change in the database but even after upgrading database, compiling and deploying and flushing cache it did not change the value. I also did reindex.

The SQL I have used:

UPDATE catalog_product_index_price SET tax_class_id = 2;

UPDATE catalog_product_index_price_idx SET tax_class_id = 2;

UPDATE catalog_product_index_price_tmp SET tax_class_id = 2;

I basically did the update anywhere I could see the tax_class_id;

What I managed to do next is going to:

  1. Backend > Catalog > Manage Products > Select all.

  2. Going to Top left Actions dropmenu, selected “Update attributes” and submitted.

  3. I went to find Tax Class and selected Taxable Goods and saved.

That managed to change the value in the backend, but still, the frontend appears to not change.

enter image description here

And the tax class succesfully created: enter image description here

You can see there is no change:

enter image description here


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