How to add custom button in product page,while clicking that button it needs to show custom form in a popup ?


Ok, so first create a .phtml file under app/design/frontend/[namespace]/[theme]/template/catalog/product/send_request.phtml

then, add this .phtml file reference in catalog.xml in /app/design/frontend/[namespace]/[theme]/layout/catalog.xml

<block type="core/template" name="customer_request" template="catalog/product/send_request.phtml"/>

below the : <label>Catalog Product View (Any)</label>

section but you should find to right section where to place ( you will find after a few try )

Finally, the form contain that you implemented in send_request.phtml will available under product view page.

Now create a href link and a form in send_request.phtml. After this add js to hide / show.

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