I am running a Magento 1 website with version 4.2.2 of IWD One Page Checkout.

I have just modified the website to display a currency selector.

What this module does not appear to display is the Base Grand Total on the checkout page i.e.

Your credit card will be charged for £00.00

I have looked at modifying the following file but cannot find a variable to add in


The Grand Total is displayed by:

<?php echo Mage::helper('opc')->getGrandTotal()?>


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After further digging around I found the answer I needed and added the following PHP code - I'll leave it here in case anyone else should need it:

// Degug code
// print_r(Mage::helper('checkout')->getQuote()->getData());

$baseGrandTotal = number_format(Mage::getModel('checkout/session')->getQuote()->getBaseGrandTotal(), 2);
echo "<p>Your credit card will be charged for " . $symbol . $baseGrandTotal . "</p>";

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