I want to create a price rule in magento 2, and want that to be active only for the first 10 Customers . Is it possible to achieve that ? Thank You !

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  1. If your price rule doesn't require a coupon code, there's no way to limit it to only be used by the first 10 customers without creating an observer and custom code
  2. If your price rule requires a coupon code, then you can set the value of Uses per Coupon to 10. This will restrict the coupon and after it was used 10 times it will no longer be valid.
  3. This will not prevent the same customer from using the coupon code twice. If you want to restrict the coupon use to only once per customer, set the value of Uses per Customer to 1
  4. Even if you restrict Uses per Customer, it will only apply to logged-in customers. Meaning that a non logged-in customer will still be able to use the coupon code twice.

Attached is a screenshot for your reference.enter image description here


Cart Price Rule have option to create how many users going to use coupon?

Below I attached screenshots for your reference

enter image description here

User per customer is 10 - only 10 user/customer will use your coupon

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