I#m building up an store based on Magento CE1.9.1 with configurable products. In the past there were Extensions like Simple Configurable Product and Better Configurable Product, but SCP isn't up to date and BCP doesn't work with HTML5-Themes.

Do anyone of you know how it is possible (or is there another extension) to update the product price depending on the selected simple product price?

Is it possible to select the default simple product on configurable product?


If you really want to use the price of the associated simple product, there are a few extensions out there:

But another option comes for free with Magento - may be this is enough for you. If you edit the configurable product, under the associated products tab, you can enter surcharges for each associated simple product:

Surcharges for Associated Simple Products

The price will then be the price of the configurable product plus the entered surcharge.

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