I am setting up a store and the client realized the way the custom options are displayed on the cart are "stupid" and I cannot for the life of me get them to change.

Here is an image of what I hope to accomplish: http://i.imgur.com/JCrKAV9.jpg the top one shows how it is currently being displayed. the bottom part is how I want it to be displayed. there is no individual styling, they are all encapsulated with a single <dd> tag.

<dl class="item-options">
            Adobe Acrobat XI - Professional - $427.00, Adobe Acrobat XI - Standard - $149.00, Adobe Captivate 8 - $949.00

I'm using mageworx. com/advanced-product-options-magento-extension.html to make a template for custom options, so i do not need to add them by hand each time, and it has an option to put linked SKUS's in the cart but it just puts a jumble of products into the cart, if a client buys 2 computers with different software, there is no way for us to know which software goes on which computer.

I have been suggested to style it using CSS, which is impossible, (being they are contained inside a DD tag)

I have also been suggested to str_replace the ","'s with </li><li> which outputs the following: imgur.c om/dSOMQwG.jpg as you can see in that example, only the first item has the , replaced, the rest are nested list items. I do not understand why magento feels the need to place them in one block of text.

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