I recently update a site to 2.3 (with sample data enabled) no I find a lot of TestModules in the app/code/magento folder. I have 4 questions regarding these modules:

  1. Do they come from the 2.3 update or do they come from the sample data?
  2. Can I remove them?
  3. Can I git ignore them because they came after composer update?
  4. Is there a way so they do not get installed with composer?

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  1. The test modules are a part of UnitTesting (https://phpunit.de/)
  2. You could as far as i know but i would recommend just ignoring them
  3. you could git ignore them but the exact command i would need to search
  4. Same thing as 3

Unit testing is a big part of Magento and you will need them if you ever wanted to do that. I do get you do not want files you might not need and they serve no other purpose other then UnitTesting the code.


These modules are probably created because of unit tests. See the following issue: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/12696

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