I'm integrating "jQuery Magicsearch" plugin into Magento 2,you can get Magicsearch plugin from here:-


After downloading the above plugin,you can get the JS file in the directory**"dist\js\jquery.magicsearch.js"**

For using it,i've created a simple Magento 2 module and included it's html,js according to the Magento 2 standared.

Here is the my Magento 2 custom module snippet for the Magicsearch:-


But it's not working as i'm getting some JS console issue due to the Magicsearch JS. here is the console error:-

enter image description here

it seems that i've to format JS of the Magicsearch by including requirejs for Magento 2 but i've no idea for the same.

Please help me to resolve the issue as it's very urgent.

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