STEP 1 - Using REST API I created a customer,And in address data I passed default shipping and billing true

  • "defaultShipping": true,
  • "defaultBilling": true,

STEP 2 - In GET customer detail API it returns true value for defaultShipping and defaultBilling

STEP 3 - But when I fetch the shipping methods using rest/V1/carts/mine/shipping-methods API to place and Order it return me the error

"message": "Shipping address not set."

So Magento 2 REST API is not fetching defaultShipping address value.

And I need to add shipping address every time whenever I place a new order to fetch shipping methods and charge with this API.

POST http://host/rest/V1/carts/mine/estimate-shipping-methods

Is there any Alternate solution available to pass defaultShipping address data to get shipping-methods and shipping-charge without adding new address every time I place a new order ?

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Magento 2 have API - which we can select from existing address from customer account addresses API, so customer don't need to add address every time whenever he/she places a new order.


Interface ShippingMethodManagementInterface

POST /V1/carts/mine/estimate-shipping-methods-by-address-id


  "addressId": 0

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