I'm trying to setup a promotion in Magento 2.2.2. and I'm really not getting the result that I want. I want it to be like: If you have at least 3 items in your Cart, and at least one (1) of the items is from the brand X Y or Z, apply 100% discount to an item in your cart that is from brand B - BUT to a maximum of €39.90

The goal here is to make people add products from X Y and Z, and I offer them a product from B.

I have set it up like this:

enter image description here enter image description here

Now, the Conditions seem to work properly, what definitely does not work is the price range. If I add two products from brand B (the one that I am offering) the discount is being applied twice, even for products that are over 39.90. If I add just one product from brand B that costs more than 39.90, the discount still gets applied in full.

Anyone has any idea or suggestions ?

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I solved it by creating a sub category in the brand that I wanted, and putting all under 39.90 products into it. I then used that category for the Action instead of looking for the price. Well, it might have been the obvious answer all along but took me a while to figure it out, though I just share !

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