I notice the default code for the image open graph protocol generates the smallest image available.

<meta property="og:image" content="<?= $block->escapeUrl($block->getImage($block->getProduct(), 'product_base_image')->getImageUrl()) ?>" />

How do I get the image that's shown on the product page (which is actually over 1000px)?

I am trying to upload products to a Facebook catalogue via pixel (it uses Open Graph data). And I can only presume this is the reason why it's not working correctly.

  • did u try to add these parameters, <meta property="og:image:width" content="200" /> <meta property="og:image:height" content="200" /> – Kavitha mano Jan 2 '19 at 9:20

If you are using a custom theme, you can override Magento_Catalog::product/view/opengraph/general.phtml by the following steps:

  1. Create the a template file like bellow struct:


  1. Change this:

<meta property="og:image" content="<?php echo $block->escapeUrl($block->getImage($block->getProduct(), 'product_base_image')->getImageUrl()); ?>" />


<meta property="og:image" content="<?php echo $block->escapeUrl($block->getImage($block->getProduct(), 'product_page_image_large')->getImageUrl()); ?>" />

Now, your open graph protocol image will be changed to the large image. I tried this and it worked fine for me

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  • Not working for me in 2.2.6 Lee. Gives me the exact same result as the original piece of code... – YorkieMagento Jan 3 '19 at 16:43
  • It works for me on 2.2.6. Before: imgur.com/a/qplfMpg After: imgur.com/a/4WHidAi . Please make sure you cleaned block_html cache and your custom theme is activating – bachlee89 Jan 4 '19 at 0:11

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