Is there is any special security advantages of using a POST request over GET request for delete operation?

As Magento 2 has preferred POST for delete operation.

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As per the CRUD Operations, we use GET request to Read information with the request

You can have a reference here

And for Create or Update Request we use POST Requests

That's why while deletion we use POST or DELETE request.


Besides the information already stated, on magento 2 POST and PUT requests are tracked in order to invalidate customer private content sections as can be seen in the file


$(document).on('submit', function (event) { 
    var sections; 
    if (event.target.method.match(/post|put/i)) { 
        sections = sectionConfig.getAffectedSections(event.target.action);
        if (sections) { 

see Magento 2: how do customer sections / sections.xml work?

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