I run bin/magento config:show | grep theme that returns

design/theme/theme_id - 5

Then i write bin/magento config:set design/theme/theme_id 0 that returns

The "design/theme/theme_id" path does not exist

Why it happens? Using Magento 2.2.7


The error is thrown in vendor/magento/module-config/Model/Config/PathValidator.php on line 44:

    if (!array_key_exists($path, $allPaths)) {
        throw new ValidatorException(__('The "%1" path does not exist', $path));

I'm not sure about the cause of this bug, but you can comment the exception out, then the config:set command will work as expected. Ofcourse the change will be gone after you update the Magento_Config package via composer. For a more permanent solution you can patch the Magento_Config module using https://github.com/cweagans/composer-patches.

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