I have an issue on one of the Magento sites that I can't figure out. VAT is 19% for all products and shipping.

Shipping is a fixed value of 20 Lei (with VAT). I add products to the cart for a value of 80 Lei (with VAT), on the checkout page the following calculation is displayed:

Subtotal: 83,20 Lei Shipping: 20,00 Lei VAT: 15,97 Lei Toatl: 100 Lei.

The subtotal should be 80 Lei. The difference comes from the shipping VAT that is added to the subtotal. I tried every different variation of settings from Configuration -> Sales -> Tax, but I couldn't find the reason. I guess the issue comes from somewhere else. I built at least a dozen of Magento 1 webshops, all have the same settings and everywhere else the calculation is correct.

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