From what I know, a customer can be allocated to one customer group. By default there are two customer groups; "Not Logged in" and "General".

I am using customer groups for my wholesale customers to create different price ranges of my catalog.

Is there a way of assigning two customer group product prices to one customer?


Group name: Group 1 (T-Shirts 40% off) with following products:

  1. Red t-shirt
  2. Blue t-shirt
  3. Yellow t-shirt

Group name: Group 2 (Hoodies 20% off) with following products:

  1. Red hoodie
  2. Blue hoodie
  3. Yellow hoodie

Now... I have a customer called "John Smith" and we agreed that from now on, he will be paying the above prices for both "t-shirts" and "hoodies".

At the moment, I need to create a new customer group with combination of all the products with the prices mentioned above. It would be handy if I could just assign "John Smith" with two customer group product prices instead of making a third one.

Any guidance will be appreciated, I guess I will have to build a custom module that will provide this functionality but I have no idea where to start.

What could go wrong, what obstacles will I likely face, is this even possible?

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