We have an e-Commerce site built on Zen Cart 1.3.9h that has a substantial amount of traffic, and the URL structure on the new Magento 2 site is not the same as on the old site (entered via Ceon URI Mapping, and in particular, the division of products into categories and subcategories differs).

Is there some way to automatically tell, for each Zen Cart URL, what Magento 2 URL corresponds to that product?

The URLs and categories are close, and there is some logical relationship involved, but it's not an exact match.

Alternatively, do you have any recommendations on an extension for associating an alternative URL to a given SKU? I was just thinking about putting a few hundred extra lines into my .htaccess file, but that's brittle in case we decide to move products into different categories, or categories under other categories, or if we re-name categories (including the URL key).

We have already migrated an existing Magento 1 installation to this new site, and the site currently on Zen Cart will be a different storefront on the Magento 2 installation, so don't tell me to essentially start over.

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