I have to pass a variable to a block .phtml file. I am setting layout in the controller by setTemplate() function. Do you have any idea?


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Here I have a solution might work for you. We mostly use setData() method for pass variables from the controller to block.

$variableValue = 10000;
$block = $this->getLayout()->getBlock('blockNameHere');
$block->setData('variable', '$variableValue')->setTemplate('pathto/block.phtml');

above setData() method will create a variable, and you can access this variable in the block file block.phtml you created. Use below code for getting the value of the variable.

echo $this->variable;

simple example to pass a variable from Magento (template, controller, etc) file to a block with php code.

Call a block using the createBlock() method:

echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('module/template_name')
->setData('key', 'some value')

The setData() method in the above code creates a variable, and you can access the variable with below code in the code that handles the block you created:

echo $this->key;

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