In magento 2.3 I tried to add New Product Attribute and chose Text Swatch for input type but I got the error message: "The value of Admin scope can't be empty. " Error message when adding new attribute

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Magento 2 can be so frustrating. It's a love-hate relationship with the platform.

To solve this problem, make sure you fill, at least, both the Admin "Swatch" and "Description" fields for each Swatch option you are configuring.

enter image description here



Please Goto Manage Labels and check default value for Attribute Label is exist or not.

Also, Most of important, All options of this attribute, must have Admin Column Value. Please Open Manage Swatch (Values of Your Attribute) and check Admin column has value for all options.

See Screenshot enter image description here

The Admin Column must a value. As per as, your screenshot, Some options do not have any admin Column value.

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