I have enabled Bank Transfer payment method on backend by still is not shown on checkout. I flushed the cache and I made sure that the payment method is enabled for the shop. This happened after upgrade to 2.2.6

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DISCLAIMER: I don't recommend this as a fix so please DO NOT do this on a PRODUCTION magento website.

I had the same problem on Magento Community v2.2.7 and found that my active payment methods were all being filtered by a method: private function filterList(array $list) in file vendor/magento/module-vault/Model/PaymentMethodList.php.

Unfortunately I can't tell you how to fix it "properly", but I was able to hack this file to get them to show up for my POC by changing line 73 in the above file from:

return $methodInstance instanceof VaultPaymentInterface;


return !($methodInstance instanceof VaultPaymentInterface);

I'm fairly new to Magento and don't understand Vault payments fully in terms of Magento specifics, but to my mind the "Bank Transfer" payment method should not be seen as a vault payment method. Based on the docblock above the method: "Filter vault methods from payments", I believe this is a bug and the condition used in the filtering should be inverted by the Magento dev team.


But if you do not recommend doing it in production, it is worth modifying it in the development environment


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