Magento 2 custom extension how to put a rule condition into the custom admin form using the ui component with data base interaction.

please refer the following rule condition image

enter image description here

  • have you got any solution? i want to also implement same functionality using UI component. – Chirag Patel Jan 3 at 6:25
  • No i am not get – Hardik Makwana Jan 4 at 9:57
  • have you got any solution? – Rk Rathod Oct 22 at 11:09
  • No, I don't get any solution – Hardik Makwana Oct 23 at 8:56

For adding condition element try to add next:

1) ui_component/your_name.xml :

<container name="display_container">
        <htmlContent name="html_content">
            <argument name="block" xsi:type="object">YourName\YourModule\Block\Adminhtml\Rule\Edit\Tab\ProductConditions</argument>

2) How to create condition block - look at this Magento file:


I hope this information will help you to add custom conditions on your form.

  • Hello @amasty please provide the full tutorial without the field we can not initialize into the ui component – Hardik Makwana Nov 29 '18 at 8:43
  • any answers from other developers ? – Hardik Makwana Nov 29 '18 at 11:09

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