Magento was released Magento-2.3.0 version on 28th Nov, 2018.

This release includes :

  1. Easily manage inventory across multiple locations, accelerate fulfillment, and improve checkout performance with Multi-Source Inventory
  2. Build superior mobile shopping experiences and lower total cost of ownership with Progressive Web Apps
  3. Create new pages and update content ten times faster – without IT support – using Page Builder, available exclusively for Magento Commerce*
  4. Develop custom front-end experiences and boost performance of integrations and extensions with improved APIs

The Magento is recommending to upgrade our Magento software to the latest version ASAP.

What are the Possible Issues with Magento-2.3.0 release?


Installation through web setup wizard has been completed successfully But, After executing all necessary commands frontend and backend stopped working.

Before executing Commands Frontend was working like 60% As a Magento Developer I can say its Luma Theme But Layout isn't fixed. (We need to deploy static Content).

After performing all the commands It stopped working Frontend as well as Backend.

Error :

1 exception(s): Exception #0 (Magento\Framework\Exception\ValidatorException): Invalid template file: '...../mage23/vendor/magento/module-theme/view/frontend/templates/page/js/require_js.phtml' in module: '' block's name: 'require.js'

After try to solve this another is on the way..!!!

Well this invalid template is also reported on Git but as usual They have closed it.


PHP Ver. : 7.2.12

Will give a Try for 7.1.x PHP later on. But Magento mentioned in Bold Letter they have tested it with 7.2.x but Looks something different...!!!

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