I am working with swagger api but when hit this url :-


I get the error when I am trying to use api please help. :-

500 : {"message":"Class \"String\" does not exist. Please note that namespace must be specified.","trace":"#0 \/mnt\/data\/home\/134855.cloudwaysapps.com\/etfeurwasq\/public_html\/vendor\/magento\/framework\/Reflection\/TypeProcessor.php(212): Magento\\Framework\\Reflection\\TypeProcessor->register('String')\n#1 \/mnt\/data\/home\/134855.cloudwaysapps.com\/etfeurwasq\/public_html\/vendor\/magento\/framework\/Reflection\/TypeProcessor.php(181): Magento\\Framework\\Reflection\\TypeProcessor->_processMethod(Object(Zend\\Code\\Reflection\\MethodReflection), 

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In my case this error occurred when setting an extension attribute value with a wrong type where type string was expected.

Aligning the extension attribute value type with the expected type fixed the issue.

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