I have used this blog https://webkul.com/blog/how-to-write-javascript-template-in-magento2/ to use x-magento-template. In this I can render data using such code:

<%- data.name %>

But it shows only text data, if I pass HTML, then also it renders it as text. Can someone tell me the solution of it?


<%= data.name %>

Magento 2 uses the Underscore.js template utility function to compile the x-magento-javascript templates. This is handled in mage/template. Notice the use of = versus -. I would recommend taking a look at their documentation, where you can find the following:

Template functions can both interpolate values, using <%= … %>, as well as execute arbitrary JavaScript code, with <% … %>. If you wish to interpolate a value, and have it be HTML-escaped, use <%- … %>.

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