I created a new customer attribute (Drop Down) and added it to the registration form.

Attribute details found in eav_attribute table:

enter image description here

Everything work as expected, attribute is added to the customer when new account is registered or an existing account was edited and the attribute was added. I can find that in the table customer_entity_int:

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Now, I have about 90,000 customers and I need to set a value of this attribute.

How can I update all the customers custom drop down attribute with the above value? Any method would suit me, PHP or SQL.

  • You can use Collection to set attribute value for all customers. – Sourav Nov 27 '18 at 4:11
  • @Sourav thank for tips :) any more advice how to do so? Tutorials or further information? Still struggling... :/ – Greg Nov 27 '18 at 9:10
  • which M2 version you are using ? – Hassan Ali Shahzad Nov 29 '18 at 6:42
  • I am using Magento ver. 2.2.6 – Greg Nov 29 '18 at 16:15

Here is the quick and dirty sql solution:
You need to run this:

INSERT IGNORE INTO customer_entity_int (attribute_id, entity_id, value) 
SELECT 'attribute_id_here' as attribute_id, entity_id, 'default_value' as value from customer_entity;

So let's say you have the attribute id 529 for your new attribute and you want to set the value 1370 for all customers for this attribute, jut run:

INSERT IGNORE INTO customer_entity_int (attribute_id, entity_id, value) 
SELECT 529 as attribute_id, entity_id, 1370 as value from customer_entity;
  • Thanks for reply. I leave the question open for further solutions (if any). – Greg Nov 29 '18 at 16:16
  • If you want a clean versiin you can put this in an upgrade data script – Marius Nov 29 '18 at 17:12

you can create upgrade Data script and set/change following value in your custom attribute array in your module . 'default' => '0',


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