I am trying to create sipment with SOAP API in C# here is my code (I create API based on this documentation: magento.docs:


orderItemIdQty[] itemIdQties = {};

foreach (var itm in tmp.items)
    itemIdQties = new []
        new orderItemIdQty()
            order_item_id = itm.product_id,
            qty = itm.product_qty

string createShipment = Client.salesOrderShipmentCreate(session, tmp.increment_id, itemIdQties.ToArray(), tmp.customer_comment, 0, 0);

If I execute code above I get an error: "Cannot create an empty shipment!"

If I debug code in createShipment I get for specific order where shipment not exists (it exists order, invoce and status of order is complete):

  • session: 2903DEodcjh42 (session number connection)
  • tmp.increment_id: 100063597 (order number id - this order exists)
  • itemIdQties.ToArray(): order_item_id = 70569 (this product id also exists); qty = 1
  • tmp.customer_comment: "some comment"
  • 0 (set for email)
  • 0 (set for includeComment)

No Idea what is wrong, all parameters that are need for create shipment are include, why is it empty?

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