This is not about adding by composer. This is about downloading and then using it. For Example: I download TCPDF Library and follows these steps it should be installed and usable but it doesn't works as explained.

When we need use this line?

require_once DIR . '/../../../../../lib/folder/folder/ntlmstream.php';

What is the Role of autoload?



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This is the way I figured for TCPDF Library:

  1. Download TCPDF from https://github.com/tecnickcom/tcpdf

  2. Change the name of the file root directory after extraction to TCPDF

  3. Inside this directory, there is a tcpdf.php file, change the name to TCPDF

  4. Open the file and change the class name from tcpdf to TCPDF_TCPDF

  5. Copy the files into your Magento “lib/internal” folder in the root Magento installation directory.

=>So it should look like this: lib/internal/TCPDF

Now, write below statement in the class where you want to make tcpdf object:


And use this class as:

$tcpdf = new \TCPDF_TCPDF();

Example Code is:


namespace Vendor\Module\Controller\Adminhtml\Generatepdf;

use Magento\Backend\App\Action\Context;
use Magento\Framework\App\Filesystem\DirectoryList;


class CreatePdf extends \Magento\Backend\App\Action  {

protected $_dir;
protected $customerName;
protected $order;
public function __construct(
Context $context,
Order $order,
DirectoryList $dir

$this->order = $order;
$this->_dir = $dir;


public function execute() {





// set default monospaced font


// set margins




// set auto page breaks

$tcpdf->SetAutoPageBreak(TRUE, PDF_MARGIN_BOTTOM);

// set image scale factor


// set some language-dependent strings (optional)

if (@file_exists(dirname(__FILE__) . '/lang/eng.php')) {

    require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/lang/eng.php');



// ---------------------------------------------------------

// set default font subsetting mode


//your htmls here


// set some language dependent data:

$lg = Array();

$lg['a_meta_charset'] = 'UTF-8';


// set font

//dejavusans & freesans For Indian Rupees symbol

$tcpdf->SetFont('freesans', '', 12);

// remove default header/footer




$tcpdf->writeHTML($html, true, false, true, false, '');


//$tcpdf->Output('report_per_route.pdf', 'I');

$baseurl = $this->getDirPath();
$filename = $baseurl .'/export/'. 'Sample_pdf'. time().'.pdf';
$tcpdf->Output($filename, 'I');


Happy coding :)

  • Thanks for the solution, I havent tried your way till now, but I have a question, Is there any way to bind it in custom module under m2root/app/code/name_space/ ? Commented Mar 6, 2019 at 11:53
  • I tried by binding it in custom module but TCPDF lib was not responding. But I think their must be a way like that.. Above is perfectly working way. You try if it works then share the way here as well.
    – Ajwad Syed
    Commented Mar 8, 2019 at 14:04
  • What if the class you are trying to run is withing a subfolder? An example is Phpseclib2. Full path is "/lib/internal/phpseclib2/Net/SFTP.php". Commented Jun 13, 2019 at 18:23

I wanna to add some information for Ajwad Syed answer. You can add this

require_once(BP . '/lib/internal/TCPDF/TCPDF.php');

to registration.php of your module and it will be work and it works correctly because for nginx require_once('lib/internal/TCPDF/TCPDF.php'); dont work, because pub the main dir of index.php and it search lib/internal/TCPDF/TCPDF.php in pub dir. Maybe for somebody will be usefull

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