i'm running on magento2.2 under nginx with pagespeed mode enabled. i've found that some of scripts is not loading correctly because of pagespeed: enter image description here

pagespeed Disallow "*/filename.js"; not helped. will really appreciate any help, turn PageSpeed off is not an option. thanks!

p.s. i've overcome this issue by enabling js minification, but would be nice to know how to handle such issues on pagespeed level.

  • I'm finding issues with pagespeed EnableFilters defer_javascript (right now) and only seeing issues in the backed when creating orders. Makes me want to thoroughly review the fronted before I keep using. I'm still not 100% on needing defer since requireJS (i think) does all the async, etc that we need. Only draw back is the ego hit when you run your site against page speed apps. Would love more insight here – JustinP Nov 23 '18 at 12:46

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