we're planning to upgrade PHP from 5.6.30 to PHP 7.2

I've downloaded this patch from the Magento site PATCH-

I haven't seen that extension .2_v2 before and google couldn't help either. (tars and .sh are more familiar for patches) Can anyone tell me what I need to do in order to run it? I can actually open it and read it with a text editor. It looks like Unix shell script.

should I just run it as follows after we've upgraded PHP to 7.2?

  sh PATCH-

Another question we actually have Magento installed and this patch are for, there isn't one for my version. Is this likely to be OK?

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In your webroot run

patch -p1 < PATCH-

This will apply the patch. However, this will apply the page on Magento core files only! Make sure that all your extensions are PHP 7.2-proof too.

And, referring to your second question - Magento 1 session in database error with PHP 7.2:

Unlike stated in the download page at magento.com, Magento > seem still to require the "PHP 7.2 support" patch PATCH-

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