Please visit this link.


I added lot of products to this site. .

Now Category view pages started to display like in the above link.


The checklist for whether items are in stock follows. Some will seem stupid until the first time you spend an hour trying to figure this problem out:

  1. The products must be Visible in Catalog.
  2. The products must be Enabled. 3.Product must have a stock Quantity.
  3. The product must be set to In Stock.
  4. If the product is set not to track stock, it still has to have a stock Quantity and be set to In Stock.
  5. The product must be assigned to the target Category.
  6. If using multi-website mode (or if you imported the products through Data Flow), the products must be assigned to the target Website.

You must refresh your Cache / Indices, just to make sure.

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