I was using the varnish cache 4.0.5, the latest version of Turpentine extension and this welance extension https://welance.de/en/projects/magento-varnish-crawler/ to warm up the cache. It worked well until now the welance extension does not warm up the cache anymore. I checked the access log to my server and the extension still runs through every page at night. The response is 200 without any error enter image description here

BUT the request is not cached by varnish. When I tried to access on the page in the first time after warmed up, it took over 1s to get the first byte. In the second time, it reduced to 500ms -> which mean the warm up cache didn't work.

I executed the curl, wget on the command line to check and the request was not cached also. Turpentine only caches the request by using the browser

Does anyone have any ideals of this issue?

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